MODERATOR Achivements Message

The Moderator is the chief governing body with all the rights and power vested in him. The Moderator shall be an ordained Reverend and he should have been completed his full seminary training. He shall remain in power till, He himself wishes to retire.

The name of present Moderator is Right Rev. Solomon Smith. He was born in Rajasthan and completed his seminary training from union Theological college Indore. He became Moderator in the year 24th June 2001.

The present Moderator Right Rev. Solomon Smith has done a phenomenal and tremendous work in the grounds of attaining Mission’s properties which are situated in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhyapradesh. He has gone against all the odds and is still on the path of accomplishing his duty to protect the Mission’s properties which have been

falsefully acquire. Under his affective and fruitful leadership mission celebrated its 100 years of working in India in the year 2005 were a huge amount of congregational celebrities were present.

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