Governing Body


1). Name of the Mission
The name of the Mission is “Indian Canadian Presbyterian Mission”.


2). Object of the Mission.
The supreme aim of all missionary effort is to make all men shares in the blessings which we have found in Christ. read more


3). Membership
The Mission Council shall be composed of all the missionaries in the field but no missionary shall have a right to vote until he or she has passed the Christian Ordination.


4). Officers
a). The elected officers of Mission shall be Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer. read more


5).Powers of the Mission Council (The Mission Council shall have authority)
a). To regulate all matters relating to the property and funds of the Mission in harmony with the direction of the Moderator concerned as well as funds earned by members of the Mission and funds accruing from the rental of property on the field. read more

6). Meetings of Mission
a). The Mission shall meet at least once a year, ordinarily in the month of March, and this shall be its Annual Meetings. read more

7). Commissions
The work of Mission shall as far as possible be done through three or more Commissions (Evangelistic, Educational, Medical etc.) as may be determined from time to time by Mission.

8). Standing Committees of Mission
The following Standing Committees of Mission shall be appointed at each Annual Meeting taking office at the end of such meeting. In addition Mission may appoint temporary or permanent committees for specified purpose as may seem expedient.

a). Executive Committee.

b). Property Committee

9). Duties and Powers
The duties and powers of Officers of Mission, Executive and other Committees, Commissions and Station Committees shall be as defined in the constitution in Minutes Book dated 27th April 1927.  


10). Amendments to the Constitution.
A proposed amendment to this Constitution must be sent by the Moderator to every member of Mission to reach him two months before the meeting. It shall require a two thirds vote of the members present at any meeting and entitled to vote. By unanimous action an interim amendment may be brought into force at any meeting of Mission but it must come up again at the next meeting for regular adoption.

11). Jurisdiction.
Mission is situated in India and no foreign body is entitled in its jurisdiction.


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