BASIC PHYSICAL NEEDS such as a clean and safe shelter to live, Clothing, Food, Water, Nutrition and Hygiene Training, and Medical Attention.

EDUCATION such as a basic elementary and Secondary Education, Vocational Training, Basic Computer instruction.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CARE like Moral instruction, Supervision and discipline, a structured family-like environment, Community life, Trusting, Loving relationships.

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE in the form of Biblical and moral instruction and training, and teaching Christian Fellowship.
ICPM main aim is to glorify God by passionately serving the oppressed and neglected children in the society. Our hope is that by sharing the Love and Compassion of Christ among these children in need, we will see a fruitful and Bright future. ICPM is a Home OF HUMINITY that is committed for helping all of Gods children showering His kindness and mercy. We believe helping one child does make a difference. “OUR MISSION IS TO HELP ALL THE NEEDY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD AND TO WIPE THEIR TEARS. ”.
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